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Can You Wear Shapewear While Pregnant?


Shapewear is designed to smooth and contour the body, providing support where it’s needed most. It’s popular for its ability to create a streamlined silhouette under clothing. But when it comes to pregnancy, the safety and suitability of wearing shapewear often come into question. This article explores whether it is safe to wear shapewear during pregnancy and the considerations that expectant mothers should take into account.

Understanding Shapewear and Pregnancy

Shapewear encompasses a range of garments designed to contour the body and provide support to specific areas. These garments include high-waisted shorts, bodysuits, and belly bands, typically made from stretchy materials that offer compression and support. During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes that can alter your shapewear needs:

  • Physical changes in pregnancy: The body expands in various areas, especially the abdomen, hips, and breasts. This necessitates different types of support that traditional shapewear may not provide.
  • Need for specialized garments: Regular shapewear is not designed to accommodate a growing belly and can be restrictive. Maternity shapewear, on the other hand, is tailored to support and adapt to pregnancy changes. It often includes features like stretchable belly panels that offer gentle compression without restricting the baby bump.

Benefits of Wearing Maternity Shapewear

Maternity shapewear is designed with the safety and comfort of both the mother and baby in mind. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Support for the belly and lower back: As the belly grows, it can put a strain on the back. Maternity shapewear provides support to these areas, helping to alleviate discomfort.
  • Enhanced circulation and reduced swelling: Mild compression provided by maternity shapewear can help in maintaining healthy blood circulation and reducing swelling in the legs and feet.
  • Psychological benefits: Wearing maternity shapewear can also boost an expectant mother’s confidence by helping her feel more comfortable and supported in her clothing.

Considerations and Safety Measures

Risks and Precautions

While maternity shapewear offers many benefits, it is crucial to choose and use these garments wisely to avoid any potential risks:

  • Avoid tight shapewear: Extremely tight shapewear can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort. It is important to choose maternity shapewear that fits properly, providing support without constricting.
  • Health risks: Incorrectly sized or overly tight shapewear can lead to health issues such as digestive discomfort, skin irritation, and in severe cases, circulation problems.
  • Choosing the right shapewear: Opt for maternity shapewear that is specifically designed for pregnancy. This type of shapewear supports rather than constricts, and is made from breathable materials that accommodate a growing belly.


  • Can wearing shapewear harm my baby?
    • No, when used correctly, maternity shapewear is safe and does not harm the baby. It should be comfortable and not overly constrictive.
  • What kind of shapewear is recommended during pregnancy?
    • Look for maternity shapewear that provides light to moderate support. Ensure it has adjustable features and is made from stretchy, breathable fabrics.
  • How does maternity shapewear differ from regular shapewear?
    • Maternity shapewear is designed to accommodate a growing belly, provide support, and ensure comfort, unlike regular shapewear that aims to minimize and contour the body.
  • Tips for wearing shapewear safely during pregnancy:
    • Always choose the correct size and adjust the fit as your body changes. Avoid wearing shapewear for extended periods and consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, maternity shapewear can be a beneficial addition to an expectant mother’s wardrobe, offering support and comfort during pregnancy. However, it is essential to select the right type of shapewear and use it responsibly. Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new garment use during pregnancy, and make sure to prioritize your comfort and health above all.

For more guidance on the safe use of maternity shapewear, you can explore expert advice on shapewear during pregnancy or learn more about selecting shapewear while pregnant. These resources can help ensure that you choose the best options for your needs and enjoy a comfortable, stylish, and safe pregnancy.